San Francisco's Dadafest 2002 was a blast. It took place at SomArts Gallery over two nights as it has for the last 3 years. [The first year, oh ye' curious reader, it took place over 3 nights at 848 Community Space so there! ]

I performed in the show for the 5th straight year. This year's performance I entitled Poont/CunterPoont it was a peculiarly Dada take on the tragedies of September 11. It featured myself playing a tricky trio of roles, each with a different color of tape over my mouth, whilst a pre-recorded audio track of me speaking, they sorta synched, which was sorta the point. You can maybe get an idea if you listen to the mp3s and look at the pictures.

The mikl-mp3s:

  1. Testing
  2. The Announcer's intro
  3. mikl-em speaks
  4. Sociological Comment

I made this audio collage mp3 to promote Sex and Death
(the twin themes of this year's fest).

More images from Supersnail of the first night.

Beth Lisick covered the festival in her weekly column.

MANY many many mini many mini menny menny thanks to
m.i. blue and katy bell
for another great year as insanely dedicated and
dedicatedly insane co-producers/hosts

And thanks and congrats to all the fantastic artists and
performers who participated including Donald the Nut,
$teven Ra$pa, Sarah Lockhart, Darren Jenkins,
Michael Christian
, Nemo, Sister Sock Show, Sean Kelly,
Ouchy the Clown and the Porn Clown Posse, Julian Snail,
Conrad Lewbel, Winston Smith, and, well,
the list goes on for a while.